I've came back~ And tomorrow is my birthday!,
So, yeah. Finally my problems had been solved, and I'm back! Ah . . . It really feels good to be back. I'm just glad to make OHMIYA the center of my attention again~ XD A lot of people probably didn't notice, cuz I have such a small existence here in LJ, but I'm happy anyway. It just feels amazingly great to be back on the fandom, and to interact again with people in the community, and to read marvelous updates of people in the community, and to finally let my heart be smitten by reading sweet, overwhelming, mesmerizing, awesome, remarkable fanfictions, who is being created by this wonderful people, who I adore and love more everyday~ ^_^ In to the next topic . . . So yeah, tomorrow's gonna be my 18th birthday! Gosh, I'm turning 18, time went so fast that even I couldn't believe it! But yeah, time do went so fast, and I am turning 18. I can still remember the blood splattered wall of my nursery; and I can still remember the first ever game boy I ever had; I also remember waking up every sunday morning at 7 o'clock just to watch old animes like 'Ghost at School', or 'Pokemon', and I still remember blushing every time Ash turn his cap backwards (cuz he is so damn cute, and he's my first crush by the way), I also remember being scared while watching 'Are You Afraid of The Dark?'. Well those are good times. The point is turning old had always been special to me. Its not just about turning old symbolically. Its about you, being more mature, being more independent. About you, and how much you've achieved last year and about what are your thoughts for this year. About what do you want to improve and what do you want to subtract from you. About what do you wanna change in your life and about your effort on doing that. Well pretty much its a time to have a look on yourself. I guess thats all I'm going to say. I'm sorry if this turns out to be a little dark or quite deep. Also sorry if there's some typos, forgive my mistakes, I write this directly into the entry window. Also forgive me if my words doesn't suit your taste~ ^_^'

Happy Birthday Nino~! <3
Okay, I know I should be gone already and finish my problems, so I could come back in 2 weeks. But I can't help it. It's stubby-chan's birthday! (Yeah, that's what I've been calling him since 2 years ago, Stubby-chan)

So . . . . . . .

Happy 29th Birthday to the Mr. Blonde~! (although I've never even remember you being 20 years old)
and . . . Oh my god! You're gonna be 30 soon~! And Oh-chan gonna be 32 soon! And I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be . . . more in love with Ohmiya soon~! <3 XXD
Please find someone and settle down soon (prays to god that it's gonna be Ohno XD) *finger crossing*
I've been watching you lately *stalker mode* (Well not lately. . . ever since Face Down PV was release, is that still counts as lately?) 
And you seem skinnier. And after 'Your Eyes' was release you seem more skinnier.
Have you been eating properly, you should feed your body properly. It looks really hungry. And your eyes are getting darker too, lacking of sleep maybe?
Well anyway, thank you for your 13 years of dedication to Arashi. Thank you for those beautiful songs you've written. Thank you for showing us how wonderful Ohno's butt is. Thank you for adorning every episode of CxDxG no Arashi, Himitsu no Arashi-chan, Arashi ni Shiyagare, VS Arashi, Arashi no Shukudaikun, etc. with your snarky and sarcastic-okay-that's-pretty-much-the-same-with-snarky, funny coments. Thank you for serving us with your mesmerizing performance in dramas or movie you've been on (I'm really looking forward to 'Platinum Data'). Thank you for your making fangirls dreams come true, with bringing the Ohmiya SK duo to life (It's your and Ohno's drunken idea, so  . . . Thank you both!). Thank you also for taking your mother's '5000 yen' bribe and for showing up in JE's audition, although you have a a baseball game that day. 
Well pretty much thank you for entertaining and inspiring a lot of people (count me in), and for being the amazing person you are~!
Lot's of love for you~! <3 *chuu*
And I can help but noticing that your blonde hair is doing something to Oh-chan's mind. Is that why you haven't dyed it back . . . ?
And I'm reading to much fanfiction . . . ^___^

I'll be gone for a couple of weeks . . .
Okay . . . 

So I know that I haven't been here long enough to be gone for a couple of weeks . . . But there is some personal problem I'm dealing with. And I really need to focus on that, so I have to leave LJ for awhile. 

I know that I don't post regularly and that I din't really talk to a lot here (I'll work on that I promise). But I just need to tell you this. It wouldn't feel different, whether I'm actually here or not, because -I've already said it but I'm gonna say it again- I don't talk a lot and I'm not really an active person in the fandom. But but sure I'll come back.

I think when I come back, I'm gonna be a little left behind. So go easy on me?

And yeah this is quite drifting from the point of this post but I'm gonna say it anyway . . . 


I have some favorite pics of him! And last night I got an Ohmiya dream? In the dream I saw Nino, who is kind of turned on by pics of Ohno in the magazine, and he ends up buying 4 copies of it. And I kind of forgot the rest . . . So?

Things you (might) need to know about me!
My name Alyssa, but I prefer you to call me Ari-chan or Anca
I'm 17 years old
I'm quite pale and I'm skinny, I'm short (150 cm), I have a tiny frame, my back are hunch-pretty badly, I have a stubby hand, my hair is pitch black and it's also short, my eyes are in regular size? and they're dark brown, I'm shy but lately I've been really talkative
I have a family of five: My dad & my mom (who I called Oto and Oka), my big sister, and my little brother (who happens to look and to act just like me, he's pretty much a boy version of me, with the hair shorter and his back sloucher than mine) 
I'm an 'otaku', I'm an stay-at-home kind of girl. And I like Japanese animes and mangas
I like detective plotted books and I enjoy mystery dramas, don't really like Sci-fi
I also enjoys reading Ohmiya fanfictions, my favorite genre is AU, it could be School au, Office au, others aus, I just love aus
I'm a cosplayer, I only dresses in Shiro-Lolita though. Cosplaying is fun but I'm not that serious about it.
I've like Arashi since 2009 and had been loving them more ever since
My Ichiban is Nino, my niban is Oh-chan, my sanban is Sho-kun, my yonban is Aiba-chan, and my goban is Matsu-kun
I also happens to like AKB48, I've been a fan since early 2011
And I happen to have a lot of oshimen, I like Mayuyu, Yuko, Tomo-chan, Yukirin, Harukyan, Mariko-sama, and Tomochin, and I have a thing for the two Matsui in SKE48.
I'm not really a big fan of being  photographed, so you wouldn't find pictures of me in my Journal
My favorite place, if I have to say . . . Under my cozy blanket, in my dark and locked room. It's not cold in Indonesia, though I thought so. My friends are always drench with sweat when I'm pretty much just standing there, shivering, with my earphones on and my jacket wrap around me, poking peoples faces with my freezing arm.
I don't like and I'm allergic to chocolate (ah, poor me), cheese and peanut (and peanut butters jam counts). If I eat one of those things the inside of my throats is gonna start bleeding
I'm a carefree person, but I tends to get panic a lot lately
My friends told me that I'm a bit quizzical, and they said that I'm un-predictable, they even said once that I have an alter ego, I don't really know though I don't usually notice everything I do

I could really just go on and on about this, but I'm kinda sleepy and my body is a bit sore. I haven't sleep since 2pm last night. I'll make another episode I guess, lets make this one a pilot episode, if you want to know more please comment~!

Hope you like this, see you in another post~?

It has been a very long time . . . .
Yeah, so! It has been a  very long time from the first time I post something on my journal. It's not that I don't have anything to post. It's actually that I have to much to post, that I get to confused, and then I stop thinking about it, and just left my journal the way it is . . .

But now I want to post, something.

This post is gonna be about my first few month in LJ. I don't know if it's gonna be interesting so if you consider it lame already, you can stop reading now. But I'm pretty sure it's going to be kind of lame. But remember that the choice is in you, not in me.

Yeah, so my first few months in LJ was interesting . . . ?
I don't know but I consider it that way, cuz it's a whole new experience for me. I mean, I have facebook and twitter and blog and tumblr, but LJ just seems kinda new to me. I've known LJ from a long time ago but I've just finally decided to make an account few months ago. Judging from the re-search that I've done in a couple of month before I made my LJ account, the people in LJ were really nice to each other, and gave kind words towards each other. Well the conclusion is: LJ is a nice place. So I decided to make an LJ account. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this. I became attracted to LJ because of fanficition, I only read fanfictions from LJ or dreamwidth.org (sometimes from tumblr, but they're kinda hard to find there). 

So the first few month in LJ was kinda nice, I have a better access in reading fanfictions. And I've read a lot of wonderful blogs and visit a lot of incredible community. The people are really - really nice, and I've meet a lot of wonderful person. I'm still reading fanfictions and everytime someone updates a fic, I always scream in utter joy (mom told me to stop doing that, and lately she thinks I'm weird - but I couldn't help it, It fanfiction). So yeah, LJ is nice. And as far as I know i like it.

I don't know if I'm gonna post something in a short time, this was just and update anyway. So . . ., that's it. Not so interesting? Don't worry, I've expected that. I guess that's all . . . ? Thank you for reading, this long and unattractive story. Please pardon me if there's some typos or grammatical error. And once again thank you . . .

First Entry! XD

Konichiwa Minna-san, I'm Anca (though you can call me Alyssa too)!

I'm a fangirl, more specifically an Arashi one, I <3 them so much! I have been fangirling them for 3 years (not so long, yeah?) But anyway, you don't have to worry, because I would not stop loving them! My Ichiban is Nino and my Niban is Sho, but because my fav. OTP is Ohmiya I'm still quite confused between letting Oh-chan swap place with my lovable Sho-chan, so . . ., I'm still trap between the options. Anyway I'm a fanfiction reader, though I've only been in Livejournal for a some weeks, a couple I guess? As I've already mentioned before my fav. OTP is Ohmiya, so I'm specializing myself as an Ohmiya fanfiction reader, though I sometimes read Sakuraiba too (well I actually read by mood - If I feel like reading Sakuraiba then I'll read some, but If I'm feeling like reading some Ohmiya romance then I'll read some). As you obviously can see I'm a newbie here. Supposedly you should have figured that out already, considering the fact that my LJ was poorly disorganized and badly decorated. And I'm a bit of a moody person, my mood changes really fast, but I'll try to control them. I'm just warning you that sometimes I could be quite cold (my friends even said that I have an alter ego), but no worries, I swear I'll try my best to control my feelings! ^___^

And also considering myself as a newbie, I guess it would be an honor for myself to be add by you! XD

Well I guess that's it! I want to say sorry for the huge amount of commas, exclamation marks and the word "quite" I've used in the first paragraph of the post, I just couldn't help myself (I'll die without commas, exclamation mark and the word "quite"). I'm also sorry about the long entry ('m such a big mouthed girl, or in this case "long fingered girl"?). See. . .? There I go again! Huh, it’s frustrating! Oh ya, anyway. . ., this is the end of the post. So, feel free to comment (although I doubt that anyone will comment, or even notice), but still, fell free to do those stuff! As long as it doesn't harm anybody mentally and (although I doubted that it could happen) physically. I'm also sorry if my choice of words doesn't satisfy you, I'm terribly, just terribly sorry. ^___^


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